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Never Again Is Now: Jewish Memory in Action

We Jews do not just have a history of migration -- we remember being a refugee. We remember Abraham, our patriarch, leaving his country and his family to find a new land to practice his own faith. We remember the Israelites leaving every land they ever inhabited: Canaan, Egypt, the Land of Israel. We remember them fleeing from famine, from pharaohs, from autocratic rulers. We remember our Spanish ancestors escaping the Inquisition. And, of course, we remember our European parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents trying to evade the Nazis, only to be met with blockades and quotas. These are the memories of Jews. These are the memories of refugees. These are our memories.Read More  ➔

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Shavuot: Its Origins and Customs

Shavuot is a festival holiday that celebrates the giving of the Torah at Mount Sinai. It is also the Hebrew word for “weeks.” According to the Torah, it took precisely 49 days (seven weeks) for the ancient Israelites to travel from Egypt to the foot of Mount Sinai. Moses ascended Mount Sinai to meet God, who gave him the Ten Commandments.Read More  ➔