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Congregational Commitment

Over the past several years, our lay leaders, clergy, and staff have worked together to reimagine how we can encourage a lifelong connection for our current members and ensure that Washington Hebrew could welcome all prospective members— individuals, couples, and families of every age and economic level—who wish to be part of our community.

The result is “Congregational Commitment,” a dues model that reflects the strong, lasting relationship between our members, clergy, and Washington Hebrew.

Congregational Commitment: An Overview

This new model has three primary membership categories: Members, Young Members, and Sustaining Members.

Members will have an annual Congregational Commitment of $2,800—less than what many paid under the former fair share model.

We offer lower Congregational Commitments—$180 or $360, depending on age—for Young Members under 36 to make affiliation possible for those just starting out.

Central to this new approach are Sustaining Members—congregants who can “pay it forward” by choosing to make an annual Congregational Commitment at one of our higher Sustaining Membership levels, which range from $3,600 to $25,000.

We are firmly committed to making membership available to everyone and do not want anyone to forgo membership solely for financial reasons. If you have a question about membership, please contact Jennifer Millstone, WHC’s Director of Member Engagement, for a confidential discussion.

Membership Types


Our new $2,800 Congregational Commitment for Members ensures that we can carry on our cherished traditions; maintain our commitment to social justice; present thought-provoking speakers; offer opportunities to expand Jewish learning far beyond the aleph-bet and the Five Books of Moses; support our inspiring, compassionate, and accessible clergy; and nurture the community that makes you feel welcome.

Young Members 35 & Under

WHC’s Young Membership is for those under 36 who do not have children enrolled in our Early Childhood Center or Religious School.

Young Members under 30 have a $180 annual Congregational Commitment. For Young Members between the ages of 30–35, the Congregational Commitment is $360.

When financial security comes early, we also offer a Sustaining Member rate for young professionals who wish to provide added support to their community. These generous members will be recognized as “Patrons” with an annual Congregational Commitment of $1,800.

Sustaining Members

Choosing to become a Sustaining Member at Washington Hebrew is both an act of tzedakah and a reflection of faith in our shared Jewish future.

You understand the value of our sacred community. Now, you can “pay it forward” to enable Washington Hebrew to welcome all who are interested in membership no matter their financial circumstances.

Please help us build the critical foundation needed to make the new Congregational Commitment model a success by maintaining your current level of support and becoming a Sustaining Member.

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Alternative Memberships

Long-time members who have moved away from the D.C. area can maintain their connection to Washington Hebrew with our Non-Resident Member category, which has an annual rate of $360.

We offer Dual Membership for individuals, couples, and families who also belong to another congregation—of any denomination or faith. If you would like to learn about this option, please contact Jennifer Millstone, WHC’s Director of Member Engagement, at or 202-895-6328.

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