A Mission to Israel: Jim Salander

Older man and middle-aged woman pack cucumbers

It is as though we see pieces of a puzzle only we don’t have the whole picture to guide us. The pieces match only a little bit, but not enough to fit together. We are in a dimly lit room and people outside are yelling and it is difficult to concentrate. The light in the room is poor but occasionally there is light to help with the puzzle, but then the light fades. There is a sense of urgency, mixed with hope, fear, and anxiety that we won’t finish the puzzle on time: on time for what?

Trust is the critical commodity. Trust that someone, somehow will help with the puzzle. Trust that the other puzzle players will somehow work together, but the rules are extremely complicated. The rules often change, but by who, how, and why is not clearly known.

I am hopeful. I trust in the future. I take comfort from the past. I am very sad about the present.

Prayers comfort me a little. I talk with an old friend. A friend who has helped us in the past. I need a hug, everyone needs a hug.