The WHC Hunger Project

Hunger is a problem in our area.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, one out of every eight D.C. households cannot afford or does not have access to nutritionally adequate and safe food.

The WHC Hunger Project is working hard to lower that number. And to date, our efforts have produced over 1,400,000 meals.

We hold “food packing” events about once a month.

Volunteers – adults, children, individuals, families, and groups – put on hairnets, gloves, and aprons and carefully measure and package ingredients that become over 10,000 nutritious meals for the underserved in our area. Our packing events are tikkun olam at its very heart, and the meals we pack are on people’s tables within a week.

Volunteers are always welcome! We look forward to sharing this experience with you and your family.

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Where Does the Food Go?

The WHC Hunger Project assembles the food but our distribution partners get our food to families, group kitchens, rehab centers, schools, and a wide variety of organizations that deal directly with those in need.

Our partners include:

The Capital Area Food Bank

The Maryland Food Bank

Nourish Now


Celebrate a Life Cycle Event with The WHC Hunger Project

Celebrating an important life event—a new child or grandchild, a second b’nei mitzvah, a special anniversary or birthday? Looking for a b’nei mitzvah project that benefits the community? WHC Hunger Project is the perfect way to commemorate these milestones.

With as few as 30 people, we can create a special food packing event to help you celebrate your milestone with tikkun olam. You can even bring a cake or food for your festive celebration. Events can be held at either Temple or JBSC, and volunteers ages 8 and up are welcome.

A commemorative Hunger Project packing event will make your life cycle event truly memorable. We plan our schedule far in advance so it’s never too early to get in touch with us about a special event you’d like to have.

The WHC Hunger Project Team

The WHC Hunger Project is led by a group of volunteers committed to making this project a success. Because of their protective gear, they are called the “Red Aprons” and are dedicated to our mission of feeding those in need in the DC metro area and nearby counties.
Thank you to our past and current Red Aprons:
Stan Adoff, Julie Alter, Mimi Arnold, Elayne Bartner,
Jeff Bergman, Holly Bergman, Richard Burka, Dan Caplan, Alexa Cohen, Harriett Contract, Anne Dorfman,
Izzy Dorfman, Rachel Ehudin, Alana Fredricks, Joyce Issacson,
Bonnie Kramer, Nicole Lehtman, Rachel Lobe-Costonis,
Camila Levey, Kevin Levey, Mateo Levey, David Mishkin,
Marcie Mishkin,Shibani Mishra, Ben Muenzer, David Muenzer, Emily Muenzer, Ada Nussbaum, Justin Putnam Melissa Schwartz, Ruth Seif, Barbara Sonies, Maria Thompson,Bill Weinschke Mark Winn-Ritzenberg & Katy Winn-Ritzenberg

The WHC Hunger Project is generously supported by
WHC’s TOV Fund.


David Muenzer & Dan Caplan