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Open prayer book with hebrew on the pages

Wednesday Study Group

“The Power of a Word”

For our Fall session of Wednesday Study Group, we will dive into ten of the most influential Hebrew words in our canon. Poet and liturgist Alden Solovy recently published These Words: Poetic Midrash on the Language of the Torah. With this text’s unique creativity and scholarship, we will explore words rabbis use all the time, i.e. Elohim, breishit, betzelem, but we may not know what they mean or how deep their definitions go. Join us as we discover a little Hebrew and a lot about ourselves through our texts.

Wednesday Study Group takes place on Zoom and will begin on Wednesday, October 11.



Open prayer book with hebrew on the pages

Early Torah Study

Every Shabbat morning, we begin the day with an informal group at Temple to study parashat hashavua, the weekly Torah portion, in English. Led by one of the clergy, we analyze, question, and reflect on Judaism’s central text. All are welcome — just occasionally or every week — and absolutely no background knowledge or familiarity with Hebrew is necessary!


Gather to read this week’s portion together at 8:30 am
Clergy-led discussion at 9:00 am

Join us in person at Temple, or join us on Zoom!

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