Lectures & Talks

We invite you to explore our diverse array of thought-provoking lectures, discussion groups, and featured speakers and look forward to learning alongside you.

Amram Scholar Series

This dynamic program of public lectures brings world-renowned authors, scholars, political leaders, policy experts, and theologians to WHC to share their perspectives on timely issues or their research into Jewish culture and history.

Every year, we are pleased to present prominent writers of the nation’s newest works on topics of Jewish interest, often in cooperation with the Jewish Book Council.



Amram Scholar Series Schedule for 2023-2024

Author/Speaker NameBook Title / Lecture TitleDateTimeLocation
David LeonhardtOurs Was the Shining Future11/5/202310:30 amTemple
Andrew Meier*Morgenthau12/3/202310:30 amTemple
Kathryn OlmsteadThe Newspaper Axis, Six Press Barons Who Enabled Hitler2/4/202410:30 amTemple
Rachel Shteir*Betty Friedan: Magnificent Disrupter3/3/202410:30 amTemple
Christopher Gorham*The Confidante5/5/202410:30 amTemple
* Presented in partnership with the Jewish Book Council

Virtual Lectures & Author Talks

We’re also pleased to welcome a variety of authors to WHC throughout the programming year through our partnership with the Jewish Book Council. Often presented by one of our auxiliary groups (i.e. The Besters or Women of WHC) or our ECCs and Religious school, these lectures are a great way to continue lifelong learning and to connect with one another.

WWHC Literary Club Lectures for 2023-2024

AuthorBook TitleDateTimeLocation
Martha Hall Kelly*The Golden Doves10/10/202312:00 pmOnline
Emily Franklin*The Lioness of Boston11/14/202312:00 pmOnline
Lisa Scottoline*Loyalty12/5/202312:00 pmOnline
Sara Confino*She's Up to No Good2/6/202412:00 pmOnline
Felice Cohen*Half In3/5/202412:30 pmOnline
Pam Jenoff*Code Name Sapphire4/16/20247:00 pmTemple

Besters Book Club Lectures for 2023-2024

AuthorBook TitleDateTimeLocation
Lisa Belkin*Genealogy of a Murder10/27/202311:00 amOnline
B.A. Shapiro*Metropolis1/19/202411:00 amOnline
Jonathan Freedland*The Escape Artist2/16/202411:00 amOnline
Laura Faure*A "Jewish Marhall Plan"4/19/202411:00 amOnline

the Issues

Founded by the EmptyNesters, Inside the Issues is a unique, in-depth discussion series on current issues in our world today, including anti-Semitism, immigration, healthcare, and politics.

Open to the entire Congregation, discussions are led by experts within our Congregation or friends of congregants who provide us with a real-world perspective based on their own experiences.

Family Relations Forum

Addressing issues confronting 21st-century families.

Today’s families face new and growing challenges. Our programs and speakers strive to address these needs and provide information, education, guidance, and support.