How You Can Support Israel

The security, vitality, and improvement of the State of Israel and Jewish communities worldwide are essential to us as Jews and Americans.

Our hearts ache for the lives lost and many wounded in the recent terror attacks in Israel. We are deeply saddened by the ongoing conflict, and we want to bring our community together in support of Israel.

Give to WHC’s Israel Hesed Fund for Crisis Support (IHF)

To help Israelis rebuild and look with hope to the future, Washington Hebrew Congregation has announced the formation of the Israel Hesed Fund for Crisis Support (IHF). The fund will focus on three priorities:

  • HELPING REBUILD DEVASTATED KIBBUTZIM ($500,000): Kibbutzim have long represented the heart of communal living in Israel, and their destruction in the wake of these attacks leaves a significant void. The IHF is committed to assisting in the reconstruction of Kibbutzim and supporting the families who call them home.
    Read a thank you to WHC from Kibbutz Nahal Oz
  • PROVIDING MEDICAL SUPPLIES TO ISRAEL ($300,000): Ensuring the safety and well-being of Israelis is paramount. The IHF’s funds will be directed toward delivering much-needed medical supplies and equipment.
  • AIDING AFFECTED ISRAELI FAMILIES ($200,000): Families across Israel have seen their homes destroyed and their possessions lost in the aftermath of these attacks. The IHF will provide assistance to those in dire need, helping them rebuild their lives and homes.

To help us reach our fundraising goals, we invite 100 families to join our “Tri Chai Team” and contribute $1,800 for each of the three priorities of the IHF for a total contribution of $5,400. 100 commitments will get us halfway to our goal. We also invite match challenges.

Learn more about the IHF

Washington Hebrew could also use your help. Our security costs have significantly increased and we welcome any and all donations/financial support to offset this unexcepted expense and ensure the safety and security of our buildings and those inside. To make a gift, use our DONATION FORM, select “General Fund” and in the additional notes/information section, indicate “WHC Security.”

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