Israel Engagement

old city/Western Wall at sunset

The security, vitality, and improvement of the State of Israel and Jewish communities worldwide are essential to us as Jews and Americans.

Our hearts ache for the lives lost and many wounded in the recent terror attacks in Israel. We are deeply saddened by the ongoing conflict, and we want to bring our community together in support of Israel.

How You can help israel

We are committed to helping our members — especially our youth — connect with our Jewish family in Israel through a variety of programs, education, culture, advocacy, and travel.

We welcome your participation in the vital work of our committee throughout the year.

old city/Western Wall at sunset

What is an Investment Club?

There’s nothing mysterious or complicated about an investment club. You do not have to know much, or really anything, about investing, to participate in one. In fact, the educational aspect — along with making money, of course — is one of the focal points of belonging to a club.

An investment club is simply a small group of individuals, usually friends, neighbors, congregants and/or family members, who meet on a regular basis to pool their funds and invest in a club portfolio. You might think of an investment club as a miniature mutual fund.

While investment clubs are undoubtedly interested in making a profit, members also find that investment clubs are a great way to learn about investing. Many clubs focus on education first and even have an Education Committee, where members rotate learning about a new topic — like a dividend allocation or PE ratio — and presenting it to the club. Clubs that maximize the educational aspects of their meetings usually find that profits follow.

With an educational component at the forefront, investment clubs can be a great vehicle for beginning investors. We offer the structure that many people need to get started investing. They get you into the habit of investing on a regular basis, and they offer the support and encouragement that many people need to stay with it. Clubs also make it possible to get into the stock market without a large initial investment, which is another incentive for new investors.

Motivation for Investing in Israeli Companies


Marsha Humphries
Richard London
Chair, Fistful of Shekels