About Us

Progressive, inclusive, caring & compassionate

Washington Hebrew Congregation, at its heart, is a community. Progressive, inclusive, caring, and compassionate, we embrace our connection to Reform Judaism and the warmth and wonder of God.

Our Mission

Washington Hebrew Congregation provides a spiritual, educational, and cultural home for Jews of all ages in the Washington metropolitan area.

We are a House of Prayer for those seeking comfort and spiritual renewal; a House of Learning for those seeking answers; and a House of Assembly offering myriad programs to meet the needs of a diverse community and to champion Judaism’s enduring commitment to social justice.

Washington Hebrew Congregation strives to provide a lifelong innovative, supportive, and caring Jewish environment. Our commitment to Reform Judaism reinforces the positive empowering elements of Jewish life and history that will ensure our continuity from generation to generation.

We pray together, celebrate together, and stand together in the face of life’s challenges.

We raise our voices in protest in the face of injustice.

When people are hungry, we provide sustenance; in times of crisis, we work to strengthen resolve.

"God can be found in all relationships."

Theologian Martin Buber

Washington Hebrew Congregation has been demonstrating that truth for over 170 years. We find meaning in our relationships — to worship, knowledge, social justice, and, most of all, in our relationships with one another.

The relationships you form will last for generations.

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