Festive or solemn, the Jewish holidays give us an opportunity to gather as a community and experience the history and traditions of our faith.

We observe and celebrate several of our holidays at special family-friendly Shabbat services that include festive onegs and often, Shabbat dinners which enhance our feeling of community.

In Ancient Israel on Sukkot, Passover, and Shavuot, every Jew was obligated to make a pilgrimage to the Temple in Jerusalem.

The entire nation would come together to appear before God and make joyous offerings. These Three Pilgrimage Festivals remain among the holiest days in the Jewish calendar.

On Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Passover, and Shavuot, we hold special festival services with psalms, music, and Torah readings. The Yizkor service, which gives us a chance to reflect and remember, is a part of the festival service on Simchat Torah, Passover, and Shavuot.