Leaders and Besters: Where Friendship & Community Bloom

Besters group at summer dance party

By Jeanne Fleming & Jeff Bergman

For many of us, our 60s and beyond mark a new chapter: a time to explore, connect, and embrace life’s possibilities. And at Washington Hebrew, The Besters group is the perfect place to do just that.

More Than Just an Age Group

The Besters isn’t just about shared years; it’s about shared experiences and a vibrant sense of community. Whether you’re a lifelong member or new to the area, this group welcomes you with open arms. Established in the mid-’90s as two separate groups, The EmptyNesters and The Boomers, they recently merged, not only strengthening the group but also amplifying its potential to engage Temple members in exciting ways.

Beyond Services and High Holy Days

The Besters understands that life extends beyond the walls of the synagogue. It’s about creating meaningful moments and lasting memories, so our mission is simple: bring people together and create a vibrant community outside of traditional services and holidays. From author talks to festive dinners and cultural outings (sometimes combined like last month’s sold-out screening of Call Me Dancer), our calendar is packed with exciting events.

A Glimpse into the Fun

Members have even traveled together on day trips and beyond, exploring Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, and Jewish Italy. Closer to home, they’ve visited the Supreme Court, explored historic Baltimore, and enjoyed the beauty of the Eastern Shore.

Giving Back and Growing Together

Creating a vibrant community takes more than having fun; we’re also passionate about making a difference. We’ve revitalized the Hunger Project, turning it into a significant congregational Tikkun Olam initiative, and contributed to the Rabbi Joseph Weinberg Garden at the Garden of Remembrance.

Looking Forward with You

The future of The Besters is brimming with possibilities. Upcoming events include winery and brewery visits, D.C. walking tours, and a Cinco de Mayo luncheon. Whether you’re interested in theater outings, Shabbat dinners at home, or simply connecting with others, The Besters has something for you.

Are you ready to write your own chapter in the vibrant story of The Besters? Come join this warm and welcoming community, where friendship and fun blossom like spring flowers. Remember, age is just a number, and life is a journey meant to be shared. Let’s explore, laugh, and create lasting memories together!

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