Every week, we are blessed with a holiday that encourages us to pause, reflect, and reconnect.

Shabbat brings us closer to what matters – Judaism, God, our families, each other. And every week, Washington Hebrew welcomes you to find that place and sacred space with us, your community.

We gather every Friday to welcome Shabbat. From soulful, joyful, and musical services to those that follow our traditional liturgy with a sermon, Shabbat engages and connects us to each other and our faith.

About Our Services

Friday Evening Services

Weekly at 6:00 pm

This is Washington Hebrew Congregation’s flagship Friday night service led by our rabbis and cantors with meaningful, contemporary liturgy, sermon, and songs.

Monthly, 5:00 pm at Temple and 5:30 pm at JBSC

Our rabbis and song leaders make going to Friday night services a fun, fulfilling event for families with young children (or grandchildren). Held twice each month, these evenings begin with an engaging, interactive Tot Shabbat service, which lasts about a half-hour and teaches Jewish prayers, traditions, and rituals through songs, stories, and art projects.

When we are able to gather in-person, a family-style and family-friendly Shabbat dinner follows the service. It is a lovely way to enhance the feeling of community and get to know new friends.

Monthly at 8:00 pm

We have reshaped D.C.’s Shabbat scene for Jewish 20s and 30s and made Shabbat accessible for young Jewish professionals living and working in Washington, D.C., drawing between 150-250+ young Jewish adults every month for an engaging, guitar-led, and “come as you are” worship experience.


Chevruta at 6:00 pm

Service at 6:30 pm

These musical Shabbat evenings have joy and connection at their center. Each starts with Chevruta — a deep and engaging Torah discussion with our clergy for adults and activities for children. The service follows with live musical accompaniment and encourages participation and interaction. We celebrate simchas, offer support through Mi Shebeirach and Kaddish prayers, and bless all our children.

Macomb St. Shabbat – First Friday of the month
Falls Rd. Shabbat – Third Friday of the month

Monthly at 6:00 pm

Each month, we provide you with a spiritual, musical, and uplifting way to end your week. With upbeat tunes, some new music, and more English, Shirei Shabbat (Shabbat of Songs) is certain to engage and delight.

Saturday Morning

8:00 am — Read the weekly Torah portion (in English) with community members

8:30 am — Clergy-led discussion

An opportunity to study and discuss the weekly Torah portion with our rabbis and cantors. No preparation, special training, or advance registration is necessary.

10:00 am

This service, led by our rabbis and cantors, often includes the b’nei mitzvah of our teens as well as the traditional elements of a Shabbat morning service: prayers, responsive readings, music, reading from the Torah, and a d’var Torah (interpretation of the weekly Torah portion). On the mornings when there is no b’nei mitzvah, our rabbi or cantor may use this opportunity to conduct a Learner’s Service and explain different aspects of the service or liturgy.

5:00 pm

We hold this service when there is a b’nei mitzvah. It includes all elements of our Shabbat morning service with the addition of the Havdalah ceremony. Havdalah, which means “to separate,” is a brief but moving ceremony that uses all of our senses to help us honor the separation between Shabbat and the rest of the week.