SEA Change

“Like many other progressive Jews, I’ve accepted as real the false narrative that simply being Jewish made me a part of the brotherhood against racial injustice.”

— SEA Change Participant

Study – Engage – Act ––> CHANGE

We actively participate in creating change, both internally in our Congregation and externally in the broader community to pursue equity and justice to heal our fractured world. This includes new endeavors such as congregants forming and participating in Affinity Groups, the Greeter Program, and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice programming, and through working together with interfaith and community organizing groups on social justice issues.

SEA Change is an opportunity to work together with congregants and others in our community to address long-term inequities. We engage on a personal level, through listening sessions and one-to-one conversations and incorporate community building into action and programming on issues that are important to our members.

All WHC congregants are invited to join in ongoing S.E.A. Change work within and outside the congregation. For more information, please contact Lauren Lieberman at

"I’ve determined that as a privileged, White American, I want to help turn back systemic racism. As a Jew, I feel I must do more than want…I need to take some action."

— SEA Change Participant

“Indifference to oppression is just as dangerous as active oppression. This is an idea that has been drilled into every Jew’s head. If we don’t actively fight against oppression, then we support it…We have to fight against the oppression of African Americans.”

— SEA Change Participant

Upcoming Events


Get involved in addressing climate justice issues at a state and local level. Join us for an interfaith working session sponsored by Action in Montgomery (AIM) to strategize on shaping the equitable distribution of historic levels of federal funding in the DMV region to reduce climate emissions and make housing safer and more affordable.