7:00 pm at Temple
beginning Monday, March 4

Each Mondays@Macomb class begins with dinner from some of your favorite DC restaurants!

12 Jewish Questions

Where is God in times of tragedy? What’s Jewish about sex? 12 Jewish Questions is a learning community for adults – Jewish and non-Jewish – who have questions about Jewish identity, beliefs, culture, and customs. It’s an environment to discover (and rediscover) the relevance of Judaism in our daily lives.


Toxic Polarization

Learning How to Navigate Division

Do you look at current events in our country, in Israel, or our world and worry that we are more divided than we’ve ever been before?   Join our own Rabbi Rachel Schmelkin, who is nationally recognized for her work in depolarization and crossing divides, in partnership with the One America Movement, for a deep dive into toxic polarization.


Food and Judaism

Jews LOVE food. Why? Why do so many of our Jewish customs happen around a dining room table? Where did these traditions come from? What do these laws, rituals, and dishes teach us about Jewish history and the Jewish present? During this course with Rabbi Fischel, we will explore everything from the origins of kashrut–Jewish dietary laws, to the phenomenon that is the Jewish deli.



Back to Basics

Explore why we do what we do as Jews, find the sources for our traditions, and delve into the origins of these ideas with Back to Basics.

With a focus on the holidays, life cycle events, history, theology, Jewish religious movements, Torah laws, the Mishnah, the Talmud, and Kabbalah, we’ll uncover the answers to the “why” behind Judaism. Together, we’ll look deeper and discover answers to questions we might never have thought to ask.

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