Eat, Pray, Love: Post-Pandemic

We have coped with so much throughout the last 15 months. From the macro — a global pandemic, a national election, and major social movements, to the micro — isolation, Zoom everything, toilet paper shortages, PPE shortages, and canceled plans. There is a lot to unpack as we emerge from this space into whatever comes next.

Over the summer, we will focus on each component, discussing the changes we’ve made — whether by choice or by circumstance, how we intend to move forward, and the ways in which Judaism can support those intentions and help us imbue our lives with meaning.

Mondays at 8:00 pm on Zoom starting June 7

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Joyful Living

You’ve taken more than 50 trips around the sun. Career, family, friends, hobbies … check, check, check, and check. You know there’s more you want to experience in this big, wide world, and we invite you to make the most of it by taking the time to expand your inner horizon with WHC’s Joyful Living program.

This dynamic six-session course is for people 50 and over. Once a month from December through May in small groups over Zoom, facilitators will guide discussions on topics such as:

  • Nourishing relationships and social networks
  • Dealing with evolving family relationships
  • Accepting changes in one’s body
  • Pursuing new careers and interests after earlier vocations
  • Maintaining health and well-being… and more!

Back to Basics

Explore why we do what we do as Jews, find the sources for our traditions, and delve into the origins of these ideas with Back to Basics.

With a focus on the holidays, life cycle events, history, theology, Jewish religious movements, Torah laws, the Mishnah, the Talmud, and Kabbalah, we’ll uncover the answers to the “why” behind Judaism. Together, we’ll look deeper and discover answers to questions we might never have thought to ask.

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