Music & Mindfulness

Chair Yoga & Meditation

Yoga instructor Brittany Fleck welcomes all ages and abilities to this weekly slow, mindful 45-minute class. Each class incorporates standing postures, seated postures in a chair, and postures on the floor. All can be modified for individuals who cannot or prefer not to stand or get on the floor.

This class will meet monthly over Zoom on the second Friday of every month from 10:00 am – 11:00 am


This class is offered to both WHC members and non-members free of charge but a donation is welcomed to support the class and provide an honorarium for the instructor.


Our clergy and educators have recorded a series of meditations and music to help bring focus and calm to your lives.

Ozi V’Zimrat Yah with Cantor Susan Bortnick
YHVH Breathing with Cantor Susan Bortnick
Thoughts and Sounds with Cantor Susan Bortnick
Candlelight Meditation with Stephanie Tankel
Thanksgiving Meditation with Rabbi Eliana Fischel
Body Scan, with Cantor Susan Bortnick
Rachamana Liba Baei, chanting by Cantor Susan Bortnick
B’reishit — A New Beginning
A Sukkot Meditation with Rabbi Eliana Fischel
Elul Week 1: “The Body,” with Cantor Susan Bortnick
Elul Week 2: “The Soul,” with Cantor Susan Bortnick
Elul Week 3: “The Mind,” with Cantor Susan Bortnick
Elul Week 4: “The Entirety of Being,” with Cantor Susan Bortnick

Music from Our Cantors

Cantors’ Concert, Summer 2021


“Shiru Ladonai Shir Hadash: A New Song Unto the God”

“Tefilat Haderech” (Traveler’s Prayer)


Beth Donaldson