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Faith In Action

Hurricane Harvey: An Update from Rabbi Lustig

Dear Friends, As we prepare for the High Holy Days, we are called upon to reflect and act. And as we reflect, the world demands that we act. Each of us has been overwhelmed by the videos, photos, and stories of the destruction wrought by Hurricane Harvey.  And it is not over.Read More  ➔


My Jewish Journey: Jon Solovey

My family joined WHC almost forty years ago so that my sister and I could attend religious school. We have always felt a strong connection to the congregation and temple community.Read More  ➔


My Jewish Journey: Rabbi M. Bruce Lustig

Elul begins today. This final month of the Hebrew calendar is a time of reflection in our religion, and many Jews take time during Elul to consider their relationships with family and friends, their connection to community, and their faith. On our blog throughout Elul, you will find personal reflections written by Washington Hebrew Congregation members. We hope this series, called “My Jewish Journey,” inspires you to reflect on your own Jewish Journey.Read More  ➔

Faith In Action

Faith Over Fear, Love Over Hate

This past Sunday, I woke up and went to church. I was joined by Rabbi Miller, and, as two southern Jews, it was not unfamiliar territory. We joined the men and women of the First Baptist Church of Glenarden in Prince George's county where Pastor John Jenkins was joined by 11,000 worshippers over the course of his three Sunday services. Read More  ➔


The President's Blog

In June, I completed my first year as President of Washington Hebrew Congregation. It has been a rewarding, challenging, and enjoyable experience.Read More  ➔