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WHC President Addresses Congregation on Rosh Hashanah

The moral message of Washington Hebrew Congregation and the Reform Movement was captured in remarks made by WHC President David Astrove during our Congregational Rosh Hashanah service. We invite you to view his full speech on WHC’s YouTube channel.Read More  ➔


My Jewish Journey: Froma Sandler

I was introduced to Washington Hebrew Congregation 60 years ago. My husband, Jerry Sandler, attended Religious School through Confirmation, a tradition that was followed by our children and grandchildren who are now fourth generation members.Read More  ➔


My Jewish Journey: Jacques Berlinerblau

The High Holy Days have the grace to arrive in September or October, during the sunniest weeks of the school year. Academically speaking, that’s the period when everything is suffused with hope, when the potential of every student and teacher seems boundless.Read More  ➔


My Jewish Journey: Matthew Reiskin

Sitting on the bimah at my son’s Bar Mitzvah, I gaze out at family and friends, and I’m drawn back 40 years. The sanctuary is darker, without stained glass windows. Cantor Garber is queuing me to go to the pulpit. I chant with Rabbi Weinberg at my side, and I can hear my father in my speech.Read More  ➔


My Jewish Journey: Lewis Wiener

Everyone is wearing white. Boys and girls, teens and adults, all in white, walking, singing, meeting at Crossroads. Camp Eisner, late 1970s. Song leaders leading the procession, leading us to Shabbat. My Jewish journey from religious school, Friday night services with my family, bar mitzvah, confirmation, youth group, NFTY, all led to Crossroads at Camp Eisner and has paved my Jewish path since.Read More  ➔