Hebrew for Adults

Whether you want to learn to speak Hebrew or be able to read the prayers (without transliteration!), we are here to help.

Conversational Hebrew

Learning to speak a new language as an adult can be daunting. We offer an innovative method that emphasizes conversation over decoding, and you’ll find yourself speaking Hebrew at the very first class. You don’t need to read Hebrew, or even know the aleph-bet.

For our Spring 2021 Mini-Semester, Conversational Hebrew classes will meet on Zoom at the following times:

  • Mondays, starting June 21, 11:30 am (Advanced)
  • Mondays, starting June 21, 6:00 pm (Intermediate)
  • Tuesdays, starting June 22, 10:00 am (Beginner)
  • Wednesday, starting June 23, 5:45 pm (Intermediate)
  • Thursdays, starting June 24, 10:00 am (Advanced)

Monday classes will skip the week of July 5.

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Hebrew Reading

If you would like to be able to read our prayers in Hebrew instead of relying on the transliteration or keep up with what your kids (or grandkids) are learning in Religious School, this course is for you.

For Winter 2021, Hebrew Reading for Adults will meet on Zoom at the following times:

  • Mondays, starting January 25, 6:00 pm (Intermediate)
  • Tuesdays, starting January 19, 5:45 pm (Intermediate)
  • Thursdays, starting January 21, 11:00 am (Intermediate)
  • Thursdays, starting January 21, 5:45 pm (Beginners)
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