Israel Hesed Fund Update – 10/25/23

Israeli flags wave at a protest rally

Originally sent as an email to the Congregation, October 25, 2023

Thank you to the Washington Hebrew Community for supporting the Israel Hesed Fund (IHF). In less than one week, we have raised over $125,000, and the donations continue to come in. We are grateful to those who have joined our “Tri Chai Team” and donated $5,400 (3 x $1,800) or more. Whether you donated $5,400 or $54, every dollar is already making a difference in the lives of Israelis who were affected by the Hamas terrorist attacks.

The Impact of Our Donations

We are pleased to let you know that of the money we have raised, we have already distributed $50,000 to our sister congregation in Haifa, Or Hadash. They will use the funds to purchase clothes, medical supplies, and necessities and to provide temporary housing to Israelis whose homes were destroyed on October 7.

We have also sent $50,000 to the Friends of the IDF to replenish medical supplies for ambulances. In creating the Israel Hesed Fund, one of our priorities was to provide funds to allow for the purchase of an ambulance. Upon learning the FIDF has already received donations to purchase more than 30 ambulances, a new pressing need was presented, and our entire $50,000 contribution will be put to immediate use to ensure that the medical personnel have what they need to provide aid to the injured.

More Help Is Needed

Looking ahead, the next $50,000 we raise will go to help rebuild the Nahal Oz kibbutz, whose plans to rebuild are still in the works.

Our efforts, while already making a difference in Israel, have just begun. If you have not yet donated to WHC’s Israel Hesed Fund, please consider making your gift today.

Every dollar matters. If every member donated just $54 ($18 x 3), we would raise another $100,000 to help Israelis in this time of critical need, and we would move closer to our goal of fully funding each of the initiatives we identified in our original email.

The circumstances surrounding our ask are tragic and heartbreaking, but connecting with our community and knowing that we’re making a difference in such a profound time of need is truly inspiring.


Lewis Wiener, WHC President

Rabbi Sue Shankman, Senior Rabbi

Lindsay Feldman, Executive Director