The week-long holiday of Passover, in which we celebrate our Exodus from Egypt, gives us several opportunities to come together as a community.

Passover 2024/5784
April 22 – 29


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Passover - Karpas (Parsley)

Passover Links & Resources

How is This Passover Different From All Other Passovers?
Four new questions to ask as the war in Gaza continues.

CCAR Passover Haggadah Supplement
Prayers, Poems, Songs, and Meditations in Response to October 7

Creative Ideas For Your Passover Seder
Discover something “new” in the “old” Passover story with this resource from

From classic melodies to contemporary twists, Spotify has a playlist of Passover songs to help fill your seder with music.

Passover Seder for Interfaith Families
Feeling overwhelmed by all the details of Passover? “Setting the Passover Table” from InterfaithFamily provides the information you need to host a seder, even if you didn’t grow up with this tradition.

Creating an Inclusive Seder
A few suggestions for how our seders and their messages can be fully welcoming—not just to those who share our tables, but to the greater community.

Passover Seder for Young Children (4-5 Years)
How do you make the holiday meaningful for the youngest members of your family? This resource from outlines ways to help young children understand the importance of Passover.

Recipes: The Best of Passover
Want to upgrade your brisket or try something new this year? Here’s a stack of recipes to make your seder unforgettable.

Passover - Karpas (Parsley)

Need Help With Your Seder Meal?

Signature Catering can help take the stress out of hosting the Passover holiday. Pickup is available at JBSC or other DC, Maryland, and Virginia locations.

Windows Catering has a Passover menu for you. Mention you’re a WHC Member, and they’ll give 10% back to WHC as a donation.