Pastoral Care

Our clergy and staff support, celebrate, and comfort members of the Washington Hebrew family.

We are a caring community that fosters responsibility toward one another. Today, it has become difficult to find out about those who are ill, those who are in the hospital, or those who are in need of visitation in their homes.

We rely upon our congregants to help inform us of friends and relatives who are ill. When you hear of someone who is in the hospital or one who is in need of a phone call or visit, please let us know.

In the event of a death, please notify the Temple immediately at 202-362-7100.

During business hours you will be directed either to Debbie Heller. She will guide you through the process for preparing for the funeral. If after business hours, the message on the Temple phone will direct you on who to contact.


Together with our clergy, our staff will be with you to support you during this time of need.

Marsha Humphries