Expecting or a new mom?

Pregnancy journeys, childbirth, and new parenthood are miracles, which can also be overwhelming. Our rabbis and educators help expectant and new mothers create lasting communities where they can connect, share, vent, celebrate, and more with other women at the same phase of life. Contact us to learn more!

You have a new baby in your family – mazel tov!

Our clergy are delighted to celebrate this blessing with you and help you begin your child’s spiritual journey.

Please click here to read more about our Life Cycle policies for WHC members and their families.

Brit Milah (Bris)

Traditionally, we welcome a baby boy into the covenant of the Jewish people on the eighth day of his life with a brit milah or bris (circumcision) ceremony. The circumcision is performed by a mohel or mohelet (a male or female physician specially certified in ritual circumcision), who are often joined by WHC clergy to officiate this sacred moment.

If you are expecting or have just had a baby boy, we are happy to help connect you with several well-regarded mohelim in the Washington area.

Baby Naming

Though there is no prescribed time for a baby naming, most families generally have this ceremony during the baby’s first year (after the eighth day of life). We welcome a daughter into the Jewish covenant with a special ritual that blesses her and gives her a Hebrew name.

For parents who choose to have their son circumcised in the hospital, a baby naming is also a meaningful way to begin his Jewish life. Our rabbis will bless and name your child either at Temple during our Friday night or Saturday morning Shabbat services or in a private ceremony held any other day of the week.


Marsha Humphries