Our Toddler program is the first “step” in a child’s educational journey.

A toddler’s first steps into the classroom begin a journey of discovery and understanding. The RJW ECC provides a safe and nurturing place for young toddlers to explore and connect. Our educators intentionally set up the classroom environment to stimulate children’s imagination, encourage communication, and facilitate play. Our low child-to-teacher ratio allows teachers to meet children’s individual and social-emotional needs.

For children who are 16 months old by September 1.

two toddlers playing with a stethoscope


August 30, 2022 – May 31, 2023

9am – 12pm: $10,100
9am – 4pm: $20,200

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

9 am – 12pm: $7,900

Tuesday, Thursday

9 am – 12pm: $5,250

Early Care (8am – 9am):
M-F: + $2,800
MWF: + $1,700
TTH: + $1,100

PLUS (4pm – 5:30pm): +$4,100

Registration is now open!

2022-2023 Application