Our innovative curriculum offers kindergarten readiness with an emphasis on interactive, hands-on learning opportunities.

Our pre-kindergarten program incorporates developmentally appropriate practices that prepare children for the next steps in their educational and life journeys.

We create a learning environment that encourages children to explore concepts about which they are curious. During these inquiries, our educators incorporate developmentally appropriate practices to help children build the pre-writing and pre-reading skills that will prepare them for the next steps in their educational journey.

We focus on helping children build their social-emotional skills, including independence, self-regulation, and collaboration with peers. These foundational skills will serve the children well, not just during their educational journey but throughout their lifelong journey as humans.

For children who turn four by September 1.

two young boys with masks on read a map with their teacher

Schedule & Tuition

August 30, 2022 – May 31, 2023

9am – 2pm: $15,000
9am – 4pm: $20,200

Early Care (8am – 9am):

M-F: + $2,800
MWF: + $1,700
TTH: + $1,100

PLUS (4pm – 5:30pm): +$4,100

Registration is now open!

2022-2023 Application