Better Love: Make Your Relationship Beautiful

Relationships are beautiful, and even great relationships can get better.

Maybe you are in the first stages of love and everything feels like rainbows and roses– mazel tov! This workshop is for you to help deepen this chapter and grow in your passion and connection. Maybe you’ve been together for a few years and have a great routine- wonderful! This workshop is for you to bring back a little spontaneity to your relationship.

From perfecting communications skills to expert sex advice, this four-week workshop will provide couples with fresh tools, insights, and laughter they need to build, or rebuild, a healthy foundation for a lifelong relationship.

This course is designed for couples of all ages in all stages of life.

We are excited to partner with Honeymoon Israel (HMI) for this workshop and will conclude the series with a fun HMI Date Night.

Every Wednesday in February (starting 2/1) at 7:00 pm at Washington Hebrew Congregation. Dinner included.

$80/member couple. $100/non-member couple, which includes dinner and drinks. HMI will reimburse a portion of the cost for HMI alumni.

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See below for the 4-week schedule!

Program Schedule

Week 1: “Growing Together When We See Things Differently”

With Judith Schulman-Miller, LSCW, individual, marriage, and family therapist

Judi Schulman-Miller has practiced individual, marriage, and family therapy for over 30 years. Alongside Schulman-Miller’s private counseling and executive organizational coaching practice, she has served doctoral and post-doctoral academic appointments at UCLA, California School of Professional Psychology, and the University of Alabama School of Medicine. Learn more about Judi Schulman Miller.

Week 2: “Let’s Talk About Sex”

Dr. Rachel Rubin will start a conversation with us about how to talk about your needs and wants with your partner so you can both have the experience you deserve. Learn more about Dr. Rubin.

Week 3: “When Harry Met Sally,” Love Lessons from Seasoned Couples

Many of love’s lessons are learned the hard way, but what if we could make it easier? Laugh, grow, and learn from some of our congregation’s most devoted couples about what strong relationships really need to thrive.

Week 4: “Surprise Date Night” with Honeymoon Israel!

In the past, our final class has featured a massage therapist teach couples how to massage one another. Maybe we will do that again! Or, maybe we will learn how to make cocktails or a cheese board together! The world is our (kosher) oyster! … Stay tuned for more info.


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