12 Jewish Questions: A (Re)Introduction to Adult-Level Judaism

As adults, we all have questions about being Jewish, and many of us are still searching for answers.

Do I need to believe in God to be Jewish? What happens after we die? Where is God in times of tragedy? How do I rest when I have no time?

Despite years of religious school as children, many of us are unsure how to find meaning in our faith and culture as adults. Issues that may not have been relevant to us decades ago are suddenly filled with new meaning when viewed from an adult perspective.

12 Jewish Questions is a learning community for adults – Jewish and non-Jewish – who have questions about Jewish identity, beliefs, culture, and customs. It’s an environment to discover (and rediscover) the relevance of Judaism in our lives.

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12 Jewish Questions is made possible by the generous support of the Bernstein Family Foundation and the Morningstar Foundation.

What You'll Learn

  • Why are Jews called "People of the Book"?
  • Can a person really change?
  • How is Judaism linked to the State of Israel?
  • How do I pray?
  • How do I rest when I have no time?
  • Do you need to believe in God to be Jewish?
  • What's Jewish about sex?
  • Where is God in times of tragedy?
  • What kind of Jews are there?
  • Why is anti-Semitism on the rise?
  • What happens after I die?
  • What does the Jewish future look like?

“I’m not Jewish, so I didn’t have many expectations coming into 12JQ. But I found the classes to be genuinely engaging, interesting and educational. I’m grateful that we decided to attend because I feel like I’ll have a much better understanding of Judaism when we attend holidays or get the kids into Hebrew school.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! This class is taught to match your experience and maturity as an adult. It’s kind of like how the books you read now are not the same books you read in middle school – you’re more mature now, and you have different interests. Similarly, this class will discuss Judaism in the context of your adult life, addressing issues that weren’t relevant as a child but are now. We asked adults how we can shape this class, so it’s relevant to you, and we want to tackle the aspects of Judaism that are most confusing. Washington Hebrew’s overall goal in “(re)introducing” Judaism is to explore the motivations behind our religious identities and uncover the depth that Judaism has to offer.

No. Washington Hebrew is proud to offer this learning opportunity to anyone in the D.C. area who is interested in deepening their understanding of Judaism.

Absolutely not! This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn more about Judaism as an adult.

This course is designed to provide an excellent and accessible overview of the basics for those new to Jewish learning (or for those who are still recovering from religious school!).

No. Judaism is not an evangelical tradition, and proselytizing is simply not a part of our spiritual DNA. While there will be students in 12JQ who are considering conversion to Judaism, we cherish the beauty of all religious faiths and practices and welcome those of any spiritual tradition to join the class.


Join us for 12 Jewish Questions: A (Re)Introduction to Adult-Level Judaism.

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