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Even though our buildings are closed, our clergy are available to you as always. To set up a phone call or video chat with any of our rabbis or cantors, please call the Temple at 202-362-7100.

Quarantine Concert with Cantor Bortnick


Live (streamed) from JBSC!

Saturday, July 18 at 7:00 pm

Although Broadway has just announced that theaters will remain dark until January, Cantor Bortnick will be bringing the music to you (virtually)!

Pour your favorite beverage, get comfy on your couch, and join us for Havdalah and a special Saturday evening concert of Cantor’s favorite Broadway melodies.

Cantor Bortnick's "Quarantine Concert" will be live-streamed free of charge. Just click here on July 18 to join us!

Sister Act


Life. Faith. Resilience. with Rabbi Shankman

Mondays at 3:00 pm on Facebook Live
Three American women — Rabbi Susan Shankman, a Jew; Hurunnessa Fariad, a Muslim; and Pastor Michelle Thomas, a Christian — come together every week to talk about life, faith, and resilience.

Clergy Blogs


How Are You Doing? (Parshat Tazria Reflections)
by Rabbi Eliana Fischel
April 27, 2020

Rabbi Fischel reflects on Parshat Tazria and how the somewhat innocent question of "How Are You?" takes on a whole new meaning during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Rabbi's Reflection: Finding Similarities in Shmini and This Time of Social Distancing
by Rabbi Aaron Miller
April 20, 2020

Rabbi Miller reflects on one of the darker stories of the Torah, and how he sees similarities between it and this dark, sometimes difficult time, of social distancing due to coronavirus.

Leading A Virtual Seder: It Was Different... And Really Great
by Rabbi Eliana Fischel
April 10, 2020

Rabbi Fischel helped WHC with another first this week -- leading a virtual seder. She took some time to reflect on the experience on our blog.

Rabbi's Reflection: Leading a Virtual B'not Mitzvah
by Rabbi Aaron Miller
April 1, 2020

Rabbi Miller did something that he, nor WHC had ever done before this past weekend -- lead a virtual b'not mitzvah service. He took some time to reflect on the experience, and what it means especially during this difficult time of social distancing.

Shabbat When You're "Stuck" at Home
by Rabbi Aaron Miller
March 22, 2020

It’s been about a week since many of us started to self-quarantine. As I was thinking about this week’s sermon, I wondered, as we all are- what do we do while we’re stuck at home? What do we do with ourselves when have to stay still and cannot (or at least should not) leave?


Breathe Into Shabbat
by Rabbi Sue Shankman
March 20, 2020

Shabbat is all about the pause. As we prepare to enter into Shabbat at a confusing and challenging time such as this, how do we pause, when in so many ways, our lives have already been paused?

Finding Pandemic Parallels in the Parsha
by Rabbi Aaron Miller
March 17, 2020

Like Noah, and like us, Moses too was faced with a world-altering event. While Noah sealed himself off from the world, I saw a fearlessness in Moses that changed how I think about today’s pandemic.


Coping with Coronavirus - A Letter to Our Community
by Rabbi M. Bruce Lustig
March 16, 2020

These are difficult times, and we can and will be scared of the unknown, but there is also an opportunity to bring hope and promise to the future.