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At Washington Hebrew Congregation, membership is based on a fair-share policy. Members are asked to make an annual "Fair Share" contribution based on their own individual giving ability. No individuals or families will be denied membership due to financial circumstances.

  • FAIR SHARE MEMBERSHIP: By joining the Temple community, each member commits to provide a "Fair Share" of the necessary support of the Temple, its mission, and its activities. Members self-select a contribution level based on financial ability, calculated from total household income received from all sources (earned and unearned). In addition to the Annual Contribution, there is a Capital Pledge payable over the first ten years of membership as well as an annual Security Fee. Annual Contribution and Capital Pledge Schedule
  • TRANSITIONAL FAIR SHARE: WHC offers a special discounted rate to existing young members who turn 36, new members who join before the age of 40, and to all its ECC parents regardless of age. In the first three years of membership, these members pay only 25, 50, and then 75% of their Fair Share Annual Contribution. Young & Transitional Contribution Schedules
  • YOUNG MEMBERSHIP: Individuals 35 years of age and under are invited to join the Congregation at reduced rates: $150 for individuals 29 and under and $250 for individuals between the ages of 30 and 35.
  • WASHINGTON HEBREW CONGREGATION believes that the Fair Share System is the most equitable way to spread the support of the Temple among its members. We recognize, however, that no one system applies perfectly in every situation. We are firmly committed to making membership available to everyone and do not want anyone to forgo membership solely for financial reasons. If you have a question about membership, please contact Lindsay Fry Feldman for a confidential discussion.

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