A Day in the Life of Rabbi Eliana Fischel

On Monday, February 14, Rabbi Eliana Fischel helped kick off a new Instagram Takeover series on WHC’s Instagram account.

She spent the day showing us the ins and outs of what she does as one of our Rabbis, introduced us to her adorable son, Ezra, and more!

She started things off with this post on Facebook and Instagram on Sunday, February 13 to set the scene:

INSTAGRAM TAKEOVER ALERT : Hi all! I’m Rabbi Eliana Fischel, one of the associate rabbis at WHC. I joined the WHC family in 2018 and seriously love our community and congregation. I get to work with amazing staff and congregants, who care about Judaism and care, even more, about one another—what could be better?!
Some of the things I do at WHC are: help lead 2239, teach a Wednesday Study Group (kind of on whatever I want!), founded and facilitate a pregnancy group for new moms, hang out with our teens on retreats, empower congregants to lead on issues of diversity and inclusion, help dozens of people a year find Judaism for the first time, and then all the other rabbi things: preach, marry couples, name beautiful babies, help young people become b’nei mitzvah, and honor the lives of people we have loved. At WHC, there is never a dull day!
When I am not working, you can find me chasing after my 18 month-old son, Ezra, or trying to spend time with my husband, Eric. I also love baking challah (send me your best recipes!) and practicing yoga.
I will be taking over the @whctemple Instagram story tomorrow, Feb. 14! Spend your Valentine’s Day with me and see what a rabbinic Monday looks like. Excited to share my day with you!