Capturing a Fantastic Photo, an ECC Teacher’s Experience

One of the ways our Early Childhood Center teachers document and record the happenings in their classrooms is through photography. Over the course of the school year, they take thousands of photos. Pam Carmen, the lead teacher in the Edlavitch-Tyser Early Childhood Center’s “Tigers” class shares what helps her capture images that stand out.

Wouldn’t it be great to turn a simple picture of your child smiling for the camera (say cheese!) into a photograph rich in detail, an image that speaks volumes without uttering a word? With a little extra effort and a different perspective, you can capture moments in time and developmental milestones that create lasting memories and tell a powerful story.  

#media_7224#What to Look for:  

Watch children as they play and explore, and aim to capture moments that support their activities – a child deep in focus, a paintbrush gripped tightly, paint colors smudged on a little nose.  That project where you can see thoughts taking shape, when they’re choosing materials and telling a story through their work – is captured forever.

Take A Step Back: 

Once you see a shot filled with emotion, whimsy, intention, or movement, frame your child in the photo and make sure to capture the surroundings.  The little details, everyday experiences, and nuances add layers to a story and preserve that moment in time. 

Change Your Vantage Point

Get down to your child’s level to take photographs as she snaps train tracks together or he builds a structure. As they figure out which piece goes next, you might see a little tongue sticking out of a small mouth – a sign of deep concentration and so precious. You might also try to photograph from above, looking down, or record movement as your child claps to a song or includes another child in his play. Capture your child unmolding a sandcastle, the look of awe as they pour sand through funnels and windmills, and the joy when they accomplish something on their own. Instead of taking a photo of your child holding a flower and smiling, try to capture the moment when they first see the flower, or the look on their face as they smell its fragrance.  Be there, camera focused – your child will be so deeply absorbed, they won’t hear the click of the shutter.

Take some time and experiment. The results will be cherished for a lifetime!

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