“Synagonistis” Opening Reception

On Tuesday, April 21, we welcomed Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, Greek Ambassador to the U.S. Christos P.  Panagopoulos, and the Director of the Jewish Museum of Greece Zanet I. Battinou for a reception celebrating the opening of “Synagonistis: Greek Jews in the National Resistance” at WHC.

A traveling exhibit presented in partnership by the Jewish Museum of Greece and the Greek Secretariat General for Communication, “Synagonistis” tells the story of Greek-Jewish resistance during World War II. 

Following a six month war on the Albanian front, Nazi Germany invaded Greece on April 6, 1941. The country was occupied and divided by Germany, Italy, and Bulgaria until they were fully liberated with the end of the war in Europe in May 1945. During the occupation, the Holocaust claimed the lives of approximately 62,000 Greek Jews – 82% of the prewar population. Of the few Greek Jews who escaped this fate, 650 men and women were able to join Greece’s resistance movements. Their contribution to the resistance effort is recounted in the panels of “Synagonistis.”

“Synagonistis” is on display in Kreeger Lobby now through Tuesday, May 26 at Temple.  Learn more at whctemple.org/synagonistis.

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