Announcing a New Project for Mitzvah Day 2015

On Sunday, April 19 at 10:00 am at JBSC, WHC Mitzvah Day volunteers can help build picnic tables, benches, and chairs for Bread for the City. This non-profit organization not only provides fresh produce for D.C.’s neediest residents – they grow it too! Bread for the City’s fruit orchard in Beltsville, Maryland brings volunteer groups and clients out to assist with the planting and harvesting. To provide educational and programming space for these individuals, WHC’s TOV Fund supported the build of an outdoor pavilion last fall. For Mitzvah Day, WHC members can help support Bread for the City by building picnic tables, benches, and chairs for the pavilion.

The furniture will be built at JBSC and Bread for the City will load pieces onto their truck to take back to the orchard. Two representatives from the organization will be on-site to assist with the construction and also provide some context to volunteers about how the furniture will be used. Cathy and Marc Scheineson and Frank Zappala are Team Leaders for this project, and they are looking for volunteers to join them. Volunteers can register for this project by clicking here.

Looking for another way to participate in Mitzvah Day? We have over 40 projects to help the homeless, sick, hungry, and underserved in our community. Whether you want to get started early in the morning or later in the afternoon, prefer being outdoors or indoors, have young children or want to work with just adults – we have a project that’s right for you! Learn more about our options for getting involved and making it matter at, and register to join us today.