WHC Signs Journey for Justice Resolution

On Sunday, October 12, Rabbi Lustig joined Rev. Dr. James E. Terrell from Second Baptist Church and Rev. John Graham from Grace Episcopal Church for a discussion on our biblical roots followed by fellowship and conversation on what a covenant on homelessness and affordable housing might include.

Eighty people from different faith traditions gathered to listen, learn, and find out how to take action. From this conversation, the Journey for Justice Resolution was created. This Resolution forms the basis of a covenant that the signers will bring to the District’s new mayor in January asking for a commitment to reduce homelessness in each year of their term.

Washington Hebrew Congregation has joined this effort by signing onto the Resolution which calls for us to support public efforts and programs to provide temporary and permanent affordable housing to all in need; monitor the progress of such programs and focus public attention on any shortcomings; work with other organizations and individuals to deepen awareness and broaden participation in the reduction of homelessness; continue to be forcefully engaged in efforts to reduce the plight of families, children and individuals who are homeless in the District of Columbia.

The Good Faith Communities Coalition is working to get 100 District congregations to sign the Resolution. If you’re in touch with the leaders of another congregation, introduce the Resolution to them and ask them to be part of the campaign.

For more information on what you can do to help, contact John Hisle, 301-325-8437.