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David Oblon

David Oblon has been a member of Washington Hebrew Congregation since he and his wife attended “Introduction to Judaism” in 1996. However, it was a 2011 trip to Israel with the Temple that caused him to become very active. Since then, he has served one full term on the Board of Directors, where he co-chairs the Adult Education Committee, participated on the Rabbinic Search Committee, and has been a regular attendee of Early Torah, Amram lectures, WHC Academy, and Downtown Study.

He is a Circuit Court Judge for the 19th Judicial Circuit (Fairfax). Prior to joining the Circuit Court in 2018, he served as a Substitute Judge in the General District Courts for almost a decade and served as a Commissioner in Chancery and a Civil Celebrant. (In the latter role he donated all his fees to charity). He co-founded and, for its twenty-two-year existence, managed the law firm Albo & Oblon, LLP. At its largest, the firm had six offices and twenty lawyers. It produced a United States Congressman, two state legislators, and three judges. He engaged in many professional, civic, and religious leadership activities for decades.

David and his wife, Kari, are the proud parents of Nathan and Jessica who had each been active in Religious School through Confirmation.

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