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Mitzvah Project Ideas


The Mitzvah Project can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. When choosing a Mitzvah Project, we recommend that you look for something about which you are passionate. Brainstorming as a family can help you find a meaningful choice for your project. It can also allow your family to embark upon the project together, adding more meaning to the Bar/Bat Mitzvah process.

To help you on your journey, we have collected a list of Mitzvah Project ideas. For more project ideas, visit or read The Mitzvah Project Book by Liz Suneby and Diane Heiman.

General Ideas

  • Volunteer to spend time with residents of a local retirement home
  • Record books and donate recordings and books to a school or library
  • Make blankets and donate them to organizations like Children’s National Medical Center
  • Create and perform a socio-drama, teaching kids about the economics of poverty in America
  • Toiletry Collection: collect hotel-size items to be donated to shelters, camps, or areas affected by natural disasters
  • Collect money or toys to be donated to a children’s hospital or local shelter
  • Organize a Mini-Mitzvah Day
  • Organize a food drive for a local food distribution program
  • Raise money for a medical foundation
  • Donate time, money or needed items to an animal hospital or shelter
  • Create scholarships at a university or community college
  • Organize a team and walk for a specific cause
  • Feed the firemen at your local fire station dinner
  • Collect and donate various items to a school or shelter, i.e. sports equipment/helmets or musical instruments
  • Raise money for a specific cause through a bake sale or read-a-thon

Local Organizations

National Organizations

Remembering the Holocaust

  • Remember Us: remember a child lost in the Holocaust through this special B'nei Mitzvah project 
  • Holocaust Twinning through the US Holocaust Memorial Museum: remember a child lost through the Holocaust by working with the US Holocaust Memorial Museum; contact Nesse Godin, 301-593-7285, or Sam Spiegel, 301-881-2454
  • Stumbling Stones: raise money for this German organization that creates small, cobblestone-sized memorials for the victims of Nazism 

Supporting Israel

Supporting Areas Around the World

Supporting Soldiers

  • Write letters to Israeli or American Soldiers or support organizations that help wounded soldiers and their families
  • The Yellow Ribbon Fund: raise money or volunteer by talking to injured service members or organizing a special event for injured service members and their families
  • Wounded Warrior Project: support wounded service members, veterans, and their families by raising money, creating an awareness campaign, or volunteering at an event