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College Student Connection

We keep college students connected to WHC after they leave home for school.

Care Packages: Temple and Sisterhood have a long-standing tradition of helping college students stay connected to WHC by sending them special holiday care packages. These packages are intended for college students who grew up at WHC.

Reunions & News: College students can also stay connected through our Facebook group. High school seniors and juniors are welcome! Stay in touch with friends and network with WHC students who attend colleges that interest you.

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College Student Contact Information
  • Please use this space to share anything else about the student and how we might better stay in touch with him or her. If he or she will be studying abroad or moving at some point during the year, please use this space to tell us that information along with anything else (interest in Birthright trips, local Hillel, etc.) that you think we should know.

Parent Contact Information