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For interfaith couples and their families, the Interfaith Committee hosts events designed to support and welcome these members into our community. Our members share the specific challenges and rich rewards associated with creating Jewish households as interfaith families.

Sundays at Six: Judaism is both a religion and a culture. Join us for a film with a Jewish theme and learn more about Jewish culture in the process when our rabbis facilitates a post-film discussion. Sundays at Six is open to all Temple members.

The Mothers Circle Mini-Course: The Mother's Circle is a three-session educational course developed by the Jewish Outreach Institute for moms of different faiths who are raising Jewish children. More than just a class, this program offers a great opportunity to discover and learn about Judaism in a relaxed (no pressure to convert), small group setting for parents of other faiths to support one another as they discover how to enrich their family's Jewish experiences and deepen their connection to Judaism. This free program is open to Temple members and non-members.

12 Jewish Questions: What do I believe about God? What happens after we die? What makes food Jewish? How do I rest when I have no time? As adults, we all have questions about being Jewish, and many of us are still searching for answers. 12 Jewish Questions is a (re)introduction to adult-level Judaism and a learning community for adults—Jewish and non-Jewish—who have questions about Jewish identity, beliefs, culture, and customs. It's an environment to discover (and rediscover) the relevance of Judaism in our lives and ideal for those considering conversion to Judaism. Learn more on our 12 Jewish Questions webpage.

Interfaith Connection

If you are part of an interfaith family and are interested in connecting with similar families, we'd love to hear from you. Our goal is to create a network of Washington Hebrew Congregation members who share the specific challenges and rich rewards associated with creating Jewish households as interfaith families. We aim to support, welcome, and educate interfaith families and couples at WHC. It is our hope to meet two or more times a year to discuss areas of interest, host informative speakers, offer information and friendship, and overall find a way to bring our interfaith community closer together. 

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For more information about this program, please contact Lindsay Feldman, 202-895-6321.