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The EmptyNesters auxiliary was formed over 19 years ago by Rabbi Weinberg and a group of wonderfully energetic people who saw the need for creating an extended family at WHC for members at a similar stage in their lives.

We are a diverse group - made up of couples and singles - who enjoy one another's company and a wide variety of activities. Whether or not you have children is irrelevant. It's our life experiences and desire to be part of the same community that brings us together.

Our past and current events include:

  • Retreats and discussions with clergy, outside speakers, and book reviewers;
  • Concerts and performances, including National Theater, Kennedy Center, Theater J, Olney Theater Center, and Strathmore;
  • World and local travel, including the Baltics, Jewish Italy, Annapolis, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Jewish Washington, D.C.;
  • Local D.C. events, including movies, winery trips, and art museum tours;
  • Special events, such as our Havdalah Dinner Programs, and our new initiative, Inside the Issues;
  • Service for the Temple, including ushering at Shirei Shabbat services and managing the WHC Hunger Project, packing meals for local distribution to the hungry;
  • Community service, including WHC Mitzvah Day and our special charity, N Street Village in D.C.; and
  • Special dinners at WHC, including pre-Selichot, Yom Kippur break-the-fast, and Passover seder, as well as Shabbat dinners in members' homes where we can join together to connect informally.

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Saudi Arabia: Friend, Foe, Both, Neither?



Date: Sunday, January 27
Time: 9:30 am  - 11:30 am
Location: Temple
Cost: free

Join us for an "Inside the Issues" discussion looking at the complex, sometimes hard to understand, relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia. We have an expert guide in Dr. Michael Sharnoff who will lead us through this wilderness of strange alliances and maze of conflicting ideas.

Dr. Michael Sharnoff is an expert on this very subject and will help us understand the changes and implications. He is an Associate Professor of Middle East Studies at the Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security and holds a Ph.D. in Middle East Studies from King's College, London. His research interests include the Arab-Israeli conflict, Islamist movements, and the contemporary Middle East. He is the author of Nasser's Peace: Egypt's Response to the 1967 War With Israel.

After Dr. Sharnoff shares his perspective, we will have a chance to ask lots of questions. Please join us for this fascinating presentation.

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Inside the Issues is hosted by the WHC EmptyNesters but is open to the entire congregation. Our goal is to find congregational experts or friends of congregants who can provide us with a real-world perspective based on their own experiences. Our earlier events focused on immigration and anti-Semitism.

The Journey of a Rabbinic Life with Rabbi and Maxine Haberman

"Is There Anything Good About Aging?" Rabbi and Maxine Haberman explored the answer to this question as they shared anecdotes from their life together.

This session was a piece of history. Between them, Rabbi and Maxine have over 186 years of life experiences and wisdom. They've seen so much of Jewish life, Israeli life, and American life, and generously shared their story as part of the EmptyNesters' mini-retreat on Saturday, October 17 at JBSC.

Upcoming Events

January 27, 2019 / Sunday
Saudi Arabia: Friend, Foe, Both, Neither?
9:30 AM—11:30 AM

Join us for an "Inside the Issues" discussion looking at the complex, sometimes hard to understand, relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia. We have an expert guide in…