Yad B’Yad 365

For nearly 170 years, Washington Hebrew Congregation has served our community.

We’ve been a source of comfort through hard times—war, social unrest, and now a pandemic. We’ve celebrated as well, from Civil Rights progress to the moon landing and the recent Peace Accords. And of course, we’ve always been here for you during your family’s most important moments—from shivas to simchas. With your help, hand to hand, soul to soul, day by day we can ensure our shared Jewish future.

Our commitment to you is absolute and unwavering. Throughout the pandemic, we have supported our WHC community every day with worship, social, and educational opportunities for all ages and stages of life. Like our ancestors before us, we are resilient and full of hope.

We are committed to you 365 days a year, and that will never change.

This year with your help, we can be even stronger, bringing more love, compassion, and opportunity to our community and the world.

Traditionally, 20% of our families have contributed to Yad B’Yad, our annual fund. We are so very grateful for their consistency and rely on their continued support. For those families who have not yet given to Yad B’Yad, please consider donating just one dollar a day, or $365.

If the remaining 80% of our families made this $365 pledge, our campaign total would double, strengthening our WHC community and helping us build a better tomorrow.

Join the Yad B’Yad 365 Campaign 


Lindsay Feldman
Executive Director