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TOV Center

In 2013, Washington Hebrew Congregation established the Tikkun Olam Values (TOV) Fund to make a positive difference in the lives of the underserved and underprivileged.

At the crossroads of creativity and compassion, TOV - the Hebrew word for "good" - supports and implements programs in pursuit of the prophetic vision of social justice: to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and care for the disenfranchised. Through the generosity of member Fleur Bresler and her family, the good works of the TOV Fund are coordinated in a central social action center at the Temple, the Charles S. Bresler Tikkun Olam Center. This dedicated space serves as the hub for a broad range of work and activities - a place of resources, meetings, and planning. Among the many projects the TOV fund supports is the Acts of Religious Kindness (ARK) initiative of our 2239 auxiliary, and the WHC Hunger Project, which nourishes members of our local community facing food insecurity.

To support the TOV Fund, please contact WHC's Executive Director, Steven Jacober, 202-895-6312.

TOV Center Results

In its first year alone, the Center and TOV fund achieved significant results.

The WHC Hunger Project provided more than 150,000 meals for the underserved. ARK (Acts of Religious Kindness) sent young professionals to help rebuild storm-ravaged regions. Tuesday Trimmings provided 75 families with all they needed to prepare their own Thanksgiving feast. Our oldest Religious School students created gift bags full of essentials for local Holocaust survivors in dire poverty.