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Our Sponsors and Partners

We are grateful for the following individuals, synagogues, organizations, and businesses who have joined us in support of equal rights for all to love and marry in Israel.*

"Three Weddings and a Statement" Co-Chairs

David Astrove and Mindy Strelitz, Washington Hebrew Congregation
Toni Bickart and Arnie Podgorsky, Adas Israel Congregation

*As of February 16, 2019

Synagogue and Organization Partners

Business Partners

Individual Sponsors

Ketubah: $1,800

  • Rabbi Amy and Gary Perlin
  • Nell and Ed Shapiro

Auf Ruf: $750

  • Shari and Mark Director

Kiddushin (Betrothal): $360

  • Rabbi Esther Lederman
  • Leslie Maitland and Dan Werner
  • Daryl Messinger

Breaking of the Glass: $180

  • The Field Family
  • The Primis Family
  • Susan and David Rosenblum
  • Jane and Bob Stein