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Our Sponsors and Partners

We are grateful for the individuals, synagogues, organizations, and businesses who have joined us in support of equal rights for all to love and marry in Israel.


David Astrove and Mindy Strelitz, Washington Hebrew Congregation
Toni Bickart and Arnie Podgorsky, Adas Israel Congregation

Three Weddings and a Statement is generously supported by the Elizabeth & Richard Dubin Family Heritage Fund

As of March 25, 2019

Community Partners

Synagogue and Organization Partners

Business Partners

Individual Sponsors

Mazel Tov: $25,000

  • The Elizabeth and Richard Dubin Family Heritage Fund

Ketubah: $1,800

  • Anonymous
  • Deborah and David Astrove
  • Rabbi Amy and Gary Perlin

Auf Ruf: $750

  • Shari and Mark Director
  • The Field Family
  • Marcia I. Nusgart, RPh and Gary W. London, M.D.
  • Melissa Schwartz and David Muenzer

Kiddushin (Betrothal): $360

  • Kira Epstein Begal and Billy Begal
  • Toni S. Bickart
  • Nancy and Marc Duber
  • Susan and Allen Hanenbaum
  • Barbara and Dick Kaufmann
  • Rabbi Esther Lederman
  • Leslie Maitland and Dan Werner
  • Andrew H. Marks and Susan G. Esserman
  • Daryl Messinger
  • Marsha Stiefel Pinson and Family
  • Arnold Podgorsky and Christy Larsen
  • Lauren and Sam Racoosin
  • Debbie and Steven Robins
  • Randi and David Sadugor
  • Rabbi Amy Schwartzman and Kevin Moss
  • David Selden and Julie Wallick
  • Mindy Strelitz and Andrew Cornblatt
  • Paula and Chad Tiedemann

Breaking of the Glass: $180

  • Anonymous
  • Jandy and Jack Blaine
  • Ellen and Neal Brown
  • Jamie and Stuart Butler
  • Isabel P. Dunst
  • Barbara and Gary Faigen
  • Deborah Goldman and Howard Levine
  • Judy and Sheldon Grosberg
  • Dr. Elizabeth Joseloff
  • Janet and Rick Katz
  • The Kaufman Family
  • Susan Levin and Stanley Senders
  • Michael, Abbi, and Stephanie Lichtenstein
  • The Primis Family
  • Rhoda Ritzenberg and Ken Heitner
  • Dr. Regina Romero
  • Susan and David Rosenblum
  • Amy Ross and Bob Wilkoff
  • Frank Spigel
  • Rabbi Jonathan and Beverly Schnitzer
  • Michelle and Larry Spott and Family
  • Jane and Bob Stein
  • Kimberly and David Wachen
  • Christie and Jeff Weiss