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Aviad and Tsion


Aviad, 33, and Tsion, 31, were both born and raised in Holon, Israel. Although they lived just a 10-minute walk from each other, they didn’t meet until eight years ago when they were college students in Be’er Sheva. It was at a gathering at the Be’er Sheva Pride House, an LGBTQ organization in the south of Israel, which organizes social events, holiday celebrations, youth groups, and more. Their connection was instantaneous!

They fell in love, graduated from university and began their careers: Aviad is a pharmacist at the headquarters of Maccabi Healthcare, a large HMO, and Tsion, a chemist doing research and development work as he pursues his Ph.D. in chemistry.

Aviad and Tsion wanted to be married, and in August 2014 had a commitment ceremony in Tel-Aviv surrounded by family and friends. Sadly, their marriage is not recognized by the State of Israel, and their IDs still say "single." But they live their lives as if they were married: they have purchased a home in Be’er Sheva and extended their family with the sweetest little dog named Archie.

Both men are very active in Be’er Sheva’s LGBT community and with the Be’er Sheva Pride House in particular, where Tsion was a board member, and Aviad was a youth guide. They are confident in themselves and in the life they have built together. In their spare time, they love being with friends and family (each has three siblings!), walking with Archie, or just snuggling on the couch, watching TV. They are ready, not just for their legally recognized wedding, but for their next journey – parenthood – and are exploring the option of surrogacy.