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Religious School Registration 2018-2019

Religious School Registration 2018-2019

  • Temple membership is required in order to enroll students into the WHC Religious School. Members' accounts must be current or families must be in dialogue with our accounting department in order to enroll children into the school. All forms must be submitted with full payment. Enrollment in Religious School is required to hold a B'nei Mitzvah date.

Student Information
Parent Information
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Class Placement
  • Please list ONLY two (2) social requests (first and last name), in order of preference. Please note that while we will do our best, these are not guaranteed, due to Hebrew levels and placements that may differ for each student. The date of registration submission impacts our ability to honor any placements.

Confidential/Special Accomodations
  • This section will only be shared with proper personnel. Our desire is solely to provide the best educational program for your child and to help ensure their positive experience and success at WHC.

  • Does your child have any conditions that may impact his/her education experience? Please check any that apply:

  • Does your child currently have a 504 plan, Neuro-Psych Evaluation or an IEP or receive any special accommodations in their secular school setting? If yes, please share these materials so we may endeavor to make accommodations to better serve your child. Should you think your child may benefit from our Special Needs program, please contact Stephanie Tankel to learn more. 

  • Does your child have any allergies? If yes, please specify.

  • Is your child on any prescribed medications? If yes, for what condition is this medication prescribed and does your child take this medication on Sundays?

  • In order to keep Religious School fees as low as possible, WHC subsidizes 50% of the cost per student to operate the school. There's an additional $35 security fee per family. Please select the grade corresponding with your child.

    Please note that the total B'nei Mitzvah fee of $1,700 will be billed by the Cantors' office and is not included below; it can be paid over three years leading up to the B’nei Mitzvah in either three installments or in-full. This fee covers the B’nei Mitzvah tutoring sessions, materials, rehearsals, the oneg (food following the service) and bimah flowers. For additional information, please contact Beth Donaldson, 202-895-6309.


Religious School Nonrefundable Fees
  • Security Deposit

  • This fee should be paid once per family.

  • Base price: $35.00
  • Pre-K Gan

  • Base price: $180.00
  • K-2nd Grade

  • Base price: $375.00
  • 3rd Grade/Alt Track

  • Base price: $420.00
  • 4th-7th Grade

  • Base price: $670.00
  • 8th-9th Grade

  • Base price: $735.00
  • Confirmation

  • Base price: $735.00
  • Post Confirmation

  • Base price: $235.00