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Pre-Confirmation (Grades 8-9)

This innovative program engages students through memorable experiences both inside and outside WHC walls. Pre-Confirmation provides students with social opportunities while helping them develop lifelong Jewish values. Each year, students participate in weekend-long retreats and trips, half-day field trips, community service opportunities, social events, and evening programs.

Grade 8

Experiences include participating in interfaith service projects, spending a meaningful day visiting D.C. memorials, helping run our Temple Purim Carnival, and much more. Our 8th graders have two weekend retreats as well as regular Tuesday night programs featuring authors, movies, special programs, and more.

Grade 9

The highlight of the 9th-grade year are the two weekend retreats, which include programming to help our teens discover themselves as they embark on their high school years – some of the most important programming any congregation can offer its teens. These retreats are a “rite of passage” for every WHC teen! Other programs include trips to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, a D.C. scavenger hunt, and other special events. Regular weeknight programming complements the weekend activities, trips, and retreats

9th-Grade Retreats


The Pre-Confirmation program is proud to offer two weekend-long retreats for 9th-grade students.

The first 9th grade retreat of the year will take place Friday, November 30 through Sunday, December 2 and deals with some of the most important issues our teenagers face – all relating to self-esteem. This is a powerful and important retreat and one that every high school student should have access to! In addition to some amazing programs, we will also have plenty of time for our typical retreat fun, social time, meals, and more!

Our second retreat is the one that every WHC student wants to be at – A Jewish View of Love, Relationships and Sexuality, which will be held Friday, January 25 through Sunday, January 27 at the Claggett Center. We are proud to have run this retreat for almost 30 years, and it continues to be ahead of its time in every way – providing our students with medically accurate information on a wide range of relevant topics. This retreat focuses on the importance of healthy relationships and understanding how to keep yourself, your partner, and your friends safe and healthy.

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8th Grade Retreat


1st Retreat: Friday, November 2 - Sunday, November 4, 2018
Location: Claggett Center, 3035 Buckeystown Pike, Adamstown, MD 21710

Participating in their first full weekend retreat, our 8th-grade students will strengthen their sense of community and gain a better understanding of the personal and Jewish identities each of them brings to their class. The programs will be interactive and give everyone plenty of time to be social and enjoy the retreat experience.

2nd Retreat: Friday, February 8 - Sunday, February 10, 2019
Location: Claggett Center, 3035 Buckeystown Pike, Adamstown, MD 21710

Our Leadership and Ethics retreat provides 8th-graders with a variety of fun and interesting activities and programs that allow them to understand and react to real-life situations. This retreat will help our students prepare for high school and beyond, allowing them to grow as leaders and as ethical people. We will use hands-on leadership activities, media, real-life events, and more to make it a fun and challenging weekend.

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8th-Grade Monument Program


This event has been postponed and will be rescheduled for a later date. Please contact Ira Miller with any questions.

8th graders will spend a fun day in downtown D.C. on Sunday, October 14 exploring three of the city's most popular monuments and learning about the Jewish values that are "hidden" within these historic landmarks.

If you have any questions please contact Ira Miller, 301-354-3209.

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