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Expand your appreciation of Jewish life and culture and join the hundreds who have participated in WHC's unique adult education program. We offer a wide array of classes taught by knowledgeable and passionate instructors from WHC and beyond. WHC Academy meets on Monday nights, from 7:15 - 9:15 pm with coffee, a light snack, and time to socialize.

Spring Courses

Spring I

The Prayer Book: A Window Into Jewish History and the Jewish Soul
Mondays, February 5 - 26
Miles Roger, Assistant Director of Religious Education
Jamie Field, Religious School Educator

Embedded in the words of our prayers is a history of our people’s struggles and strivings, hopes and aspirations, complex and sophisticated ideas, yet all this often goes unnoticed. This course will introduce participants to the literary and spiritual treasure chest that is the Jewish prayer book. No familiarity with the prayers is necessary, only a willingness and curiosity to uncover the meaning in timeless words.

Spring II

The Torah: Its History and Significance
Mondays, March 5 - April 2
Rabbi Susan Shankman

In this course, we will study selected texts from Torah to illuminate its origins in the ancient Near East. By analyzing the text closely, we will learn how various biblical authors responded to specific historical events by adapting older literary traditions. We will also consider the process through which the Torah came to be a canon — a joined collection of five books — and how those books achieved greater significance over other biblical books among Jews.

Spring III

The Big Jewish Questions, Part II: Jewish Thought at the Turn of the 20th Century
Mondays, April 9 - 30
Rabbi Joseph Skloot

Together, we will read the works of major European Jewish philosophers and theologians from the late-19th and early-20th centuries as they consider the most important questions in Jewish life and thought, including those related to God, the Holocaust, Zionism, Jewish observance, social justice and Jewish-Christian relations. Students need not have taken last semester’s course to participate.

Spring Registration

Spring Registration

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