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2015-2016 Keynotes

Re-watch and re-experience Keynote lectures from 2015-2016.

Bruce Feiler

Bruce Feiler, a widely recognized thinker, writer, and speaker on the role of religion in contemporary life, joined us for a Congregational Conversations Keynote focusing on "What I Have Learned from the Abrahamic Journey." During his Keynote, Feiler discussed the history of Abraham and how the shared ancestor of Jews, Muslims, and Christians plays a defining and divisive role for all three faith communities.

Naomi Harris Rosenblatt and Dr. Michael Brody

Scholars Naomi Harris Rosenblatt and Dr. Michael Brody explored the concept of sibling rivalry and how it shapes our families and interfaith relations today in a Congregational Conversations Keynote.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs

In Not in God’s Name, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks articulates a theory of the origins of interreligious conflict and a hopeful vision of mutual respect and cooperation. In his Congregational Conversations Keynote, Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President of the Union for Reform Judaism, responded to Sacks’ challenge and reflected on the Reform Movement’s efforts at cultivating mutual understanding in light of current international pressures.

Ambassador Akbar Ahmed

Europe today confronts complicated and controversial issues surrounding its Muslim population, including Sharia law, terrorism, the building of mosques, and the pressures of immigration and multiculturalism. With the recent attacks by ISIS in Brussels, these issues are increasingly pressing for Europeans. Following a screening of his documentary, Journey into Europe: Islam, Immigration, and Identity, Ambassador Akbar Ahmed reflected on the challenges of interfaith conflict.

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