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Grandma's Yiddish

Remember when Yiddish was part of the family and certain warm, fuzzy words and phrases would creep into discussions? Or when Yiddish was used so you couldn't understand what was going on because, well, you were just a child? And finally, there were those Yiddish phrases meant to convey stronger feelings but were not for your tender ears?
It’s time to remember Grandma’s Yiddish.

Our guide through this journey is Rabbi Peter Kessler from Temple Ohev Shalom in Harrisburg, PA. He will take us from the familiar to the unfamiliar to the earthy and help us understand the many Yiddish words that have crept into our everyday English. You will have the chance to participate with your own memories and stories so come prepared. This should be informative and a lot of fun.

So…put on your schmatta, get off you tuches, and schmooze with your friends. You might even plotz!

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