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Macomb St. Shabbat Hanukkah

Celebrate the sixth night of Hanukkah with your WHC family. The Caps brought the Stanley Cup home to D.C. Now, we need your help to bring the “Yiddishe Cup” to WHC! A yiddishe kop is someone who is a good Jewish thinker, and we are calling upon all “cups” — yiddishe and not; young, old, and in-between — to join us.

Service led by Rabbi Shanman, Rabbi Miller, Rabbi Fischel, Cantor Manevich, and Cantor Bortnick.

6:00 pm – Warm-Up

Shabbat stories and activities for Little Caps
Chevruta, a deep and engaging Torah discussion for the Pros
Hot appetizers and drinks for all players

6:30 pm – Puck Drop

Macomb St. Shabbat Service
No penalties, just joyful, musical worship

Overtime! – The Yiddishe Cup Championship Game

Compete in our hockey challenge and "celly" with latkes, doughnuts, and more

There's no charge, but we ask that you RSVP