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Shabbat Under the Stars at the Julia Bindeman Suburban Center

Led by Rabbi Shankman and Cantor Bortnick.

Throughout the year, WHC President David Astrove and his wife, Debbie, have welcomed small groups of WHC adults each month to their home for Shabbat dinner. The dinners have been casual, meaningful opportunities for our members to connect and get to know each other. It has been a popular program and will resume in the fall.

David and Debbie would like to celebrate the end of his first year as WHC President and kick-off the Shabbat Under the Stars series in a special way. For their final WHC Shabbat dinner of the season, they invite everyone to join them at the Julia Bindeman Suburban Center after the SUTS service on Friday, June 2.

Like the Shabbat Under the Stars services themselves, the Astroves’ Shabbat dinner will be relaxed and casual. Expect to discover commonalities you didn’t know existed, laugh, and feel really good that you made this evening the start of your Shabbat weekend.

Registration is now closed for dinner following the Shabbat Under the Stars service, but we welcome you to join us for our Shabbat service on the lawn of the Julia Bindeman Suburban Center. The weather is beautiful and the experience is truly spiritual!

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