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A Look Back at Presidential Visits to WHC

In honor of Jewish American Heritage month, President Obama is speaking today at Adas Israel Congregation. His speaking engagement is a rare one for a sitting president, but at Washington Hebrew, we’ve had several notable presidential visits since our founding.Read More  ➔

Adult Education, Congregational Conversations, Education

Conclude Our Congregational Conversation

In November, Ari Shavit stood on the bimah and began our Congregational Conversation on his book, My Promised Land. We have gathered every month since, in small groups and with noted scholars, to discuss, question, and learn. As our conversation draws to a close, we ask you to join us for our final events: On Wednesday, May 6 at 7:00 pm at Temple, Ambassador Dennis Ross, the William Davidson Distinguished Fellow and counselor at The Washington Institute, will speak on American foreign policy and Israel. Ambassador Ross served two years as assistant to President Obama and National Security Council senior director for… Read More  ➔

Culture & the Arts, Groups & Activities

"Synagonistis" Opening Reception

On Tuesday, April 21, we welcomed Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias, Greek Ambassador to the U.S. Christos P.  Panagopoulos, and the Director of the Jewish Museum of Greece Zanet I. Battinou for a reception celebrating the opening of “Synagonistis: Greek Jews in the National Resistance” at WHC. A traveling exhibit presented in partnership by the Jewish Museum of Greece and the Greek Secretariat General for Communication, “Synagonistis” tells the story of Greek-Jewish resistance during World War II.  Following a six month war on the Albanian front, Nazi Germany invaded Greece on April 6, 1941. The country… Read More  ➔

Faith In Action, Mitzvah Day, Repairing The World

You Made it Matter!

Last Sunday, our Temple community came out in huge numbers to help the homeless, sick, hungry, and underprivileged in our region. Our project sites at Temple, JBSC, and around the D.C. metro area were transformed as hundreds of volunteers worked together to make a difference. As Mitzvah Day 2015 drew to a close, our project site leaders counted an impressive number of accomplishments: 20 wooden tables and benches were constructed as part of our partnership with Bread for the City; 50 birthday boxes were created for children with serious illnesses; 8 friends from Jewish Foundation for Group Homes participated with volunteers in activities… Read More  ➔

Culture & the Arts

Synagonistis: Greek Jews in the National Resistance

We recently welcomed a new traveling exhibit presented in partnership by the Jewish Museum of Greece and the Greek Secretariat General for Communication to our space in Kreeger Lobby. "Synagonistis" tells the story of Greek Jews in the National Resistance during World War II and is on display now through Tuesday, May 26 at Temple. The idea for “Synagonistis” was born out of the Jewish Museum of Greece’s research for an earlier exhibit, “The Holocaust of the Greek Jews, 1941-1944.” As the Museum’s staff put together this project, they came into contact with… Read More  ➔

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