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Seeing Israel With New Eyes

I have been to Israel innumerable times. I lived there as a high school student, again as a college student, and for two years as a graduate student. Currently, I am completing a fellowship at the Shalom Hartman Institute that has brought me to Israel to engage in intensive study each of the last three years. And, for the past 30 years, I have led congregational youth, adult, and family trips to Israel. In Hebrew, I am what is called a vateek – an experienced old-timer, i.e. “a veteran.”Read More  ➔

Clergy, Faith In Action

Never Again Is Now: Jewish Memory in Action

We Jews do not just have a history of migration -- we remember being a refugee. We remember Abraham, our patriarch, leaving his country and his family to find a new land to practice his own faith. We remember the Israelites leaving every land they ever inhabited: Canaan, Egypt, the Land of Israel. We remember them fleeing from famine, from pharaohs, from autocratic rulers. We remember our Spanish ancestors escaping the Inquisition. And, of course, we remember our European parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents trying to evade the Nazis, only to be met with blockades and quotas. These are the memories of Jews. These are the memories of refugees. These are our memories.Read More  ➔

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