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Our Nation Is in Pain - A Statement from WHC

The hearts of our entire Washington Hebrew Congregation community cry out in sorrow and outrage at the tragic death of George Floyd. We grieve with his family and our nation, which are both in such pain.  Read More  ➔


"How Are You?" (Parshat Tazria Reflections)

How are you? I imagine most of us immediately want to say “I’m good”. We’re trained to do that. This common question of compassion and relationship is so often met with a behavioral response. We say “I’m good,” before we even stop to consider whether we are, indeed, good. That is, until a pandemic hits and we all know that answer no longer suffices. “How are you?”Read More  ➔


Shmini Sermon Reflections

People today are suffering on a scale that, only a few weeks ago, was almost impossible to conceive. And it feels like we are still at the beginning of the turmoil this pandemic will bring.Read More  ➔


Recipes from Rabbi Lustig

Cooking can be a great way to help pass the time during all this coronavirus craziness. I hope you will enjoy a collection of some of my favorite recipes below:Read More  ➔


Leading A Virtual Seder: It Really Was Different…And Pretty Great

Some things were pretty similar. I woke up early and started to cook. I chopped fruit for charoset, while thinking about how I wanted to introduce the seder. I shaped matzoh balls and marveled when they fluffed up as they cooked. I made my mother’s pesadik muffins, thinking about all the years I would wake up to watch her do the same. The day felt like home and tradition. It felt like Passover.Read More  ➔